Inspirations from Agile

The Inspiration from Agile  course  focuses on how to identify the possibilities of applying Agile principles to work teams .

Agile is a collection of practices, methods and tools, but it requires a change in thinking, approach and leadership of people. Come and get inspired, how to do it.

  • Get inspired by Agile principles, realize their benefits for your own work.
  • Identify the possibilities of applying Agile principles to work teams.
  • Learn to identify the readiness of the organization and your own team from an Agile perspective.
  • Learn how to promote Agile principles and thinking in a team.

Definition of Agile – you need to know what it actually is.

  • What is Agile, what are its benefits and how can it inspire everyone.
  • Basic principles, the difference between traditional and agile approaches.
  • Analysis of our organization and team (are we Agile or are we far from it?).
  • Key characteristics of Agile.

How to be inspired by the Agile approach – what can we take from it in our practice

  • How to get inspired and apply the Agile approach to the conditions of the company – ideal scenario, realistic scenario.
  • What are the prerequisites for Agile – what are the cards in our hands.
  • What can prevent us from applying the Agile approach.

How to do it practically – workshop – how to do it in practice

  • Which inspiring elements of Agile can we transfer to the team.
  • How to proceed when implementing Agile principles – let’s inspire each other.

Mindset for Agile – find out how to set yourself up for Agile

  • As an “Agile person” thinks.
  • How to start “Agile thinking” in the team and in the manager.

Skills needed in Agile – what skills do we need for a successful Agile approach

  • What are the key skills Agile requires (Agile team member skills, manager skills).
  • How a manager behaves in an agile environment.

Setting and managing goals in an Agile way – it has to be done a little differently

  • How to formulate goals, what must the goal contain in an Agile environment.

Agile team – do we want it? Let’s get inspired

  • The basics of an agile team.
  • Agile team principles – inspirations applicable to your own team.

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