How to manage changes – openness to changes

The How to manage changes  course is aimed at getting familiar with procedures that help minimize the negative perception of changes .

  • Understand the process of change and the reasons why change has become part of our daily lives.
  • Familiarize yourself with and master procedures that help minimize the negative perception of change.
  • Naming strengths that help me manage change successfully.
  • Increase the participants’ motivation to use their strengths in a new work situation.
  • To strengthen the proactivity of workers in a changing environment.

Experiential exercise (introductory experiential exercise with detailed analysis) – the analysis is focused on the objectives of the change, how the change was achieved, involvement in the design and process of the change

Change – initial thoughts

  • reflection of experienced changes, their progress and impacts
  • what would happen if the change didn’t happen
  • reason for change, goal of change
  • involvement in the change process

The psychological side of the change process – the curve of experiencing change

  • paradigm – idea, rejection of changes, resistance to change
  • looking for ways out, identifying with change

Me and change

  • test and its evaluation
  • the art of the possible
  • wish and reality
  • performance and resources
  • change and learning, change and personal development

Self-management in times of change

  • analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
  • identification of personal opportunities in the process of change
  • defining personal goals and developing a plan to achieve them


  • change as a threat or change as an opportunity
  • what can i influence

Compilation of personal action plans for coping with change

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