Coaching of CC operators

The CC Operator Coaching  course is aimed at improving or learning to conduct coaching interviews


The “CC Operators Coaching” course is intended for internal coaches, supervisors and Call Center executives who want to use coaching to achieve a higher quality of provided services. With the help of well-executed coaching, it is possible to achieve better business results of CC aimed at telephone sales.

  • Improve or teach internal coaches, supervisors and CC leaders how to conduct coaching interviews.
  • Improve or acquire a skill, give effective feedback.
  • To improve the motivational wording of the conclusions of coaching interviews.
  • Practice the basic types of telephone conversations in model situations.
  • To learn how to effectively prepare and plan coaching activities.

The place of coaching in the management system

  • development of co-workers, induction, training, coaching, performance control, tension resolution when the supervisor has control and development (coaching) roles, internal coach-manager cooperation.

Coaching concept 

  • coaching as a tool for the development and motivation of co-workers, coaching aimed at acquiring skills, coaching aimed at mastering the role of a CC operator.

Coaching preparation

  • coaching goals, strategy to achieve them through coaching, coaching sheet.

Conducting a coaching interview

  • structure of the coaching interview, ask the coachee’s opinion about his performance, comment on his observations, inform about the performance, “point out the important” – strengths, provide effective feedback, choose 3 specific tasks and set goals for individual work, positive end of the coaching interview, thank for cooperation.

Rules of the coaching interview 

  • evaluate performance, be concise, express yourself factually and accurately, pay attention to motivation.

Coaching report 

  • working with the information obtained during coaching, the balance of a safe environment for coaching and a push for development goals.

Providing feedback

  • praise, reprimand, positive guidance and the coaching question technique.

Supportive communication techniques

  • overcoming the objections of some coachees.

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