Customer-oriented communication

The Customer Oriented Communication course is aimed at improving and teaching participants to communicate professionally with the company’s customers.

  • Improve and teach participants to communicate professionally with the company’s customers.
  • Intensively develop a customer-oriented attitude among the participants.
  • To develop a friendly, customer need-oriented way of communication among the participants.
  • Practice the basic types of conversations with customers in model situations.

Customer orientation – building a partnership with the client

  • expectations and needs of clients
  • technical and personal side of client orientation

Basic principles of professional personal contact

  • creating a professional impression
  • professional communication and clear expression

Communication game  (introductory experiential exercise with detailed analysis aimed at understanding communication and active listening)

Professional communication

  • verbal communication and active listening
  • non-verbal communication and its meaning in personal contact with the customer
  • explanation technique, questioning technique, paraphrasing technique
  • positive formulations, customer-oriented formulations

Training of standard conversations

  • understanding the assignment and solving the assignment / customer needs
  • resolving misunderstandings, providing information
  • solving a legitimate complaint

Handling comments and objections from customers

  • types of comments, technique of managing comments

Difficult situations in contact with the customer and their professional management

  • handling an angry customer and his emotions
  • managing one’s emotions
  • solving unauthorized complaints and requests
  • selected assertive techniques

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