Here and now

People nowadays… We perceive that planning is limited in nature. What was true in the past is different today. What will happen in a month? In a year? What tommorow?
Today, focus is important, especially focusing on the present. For “here and now”.
What do we need as humans? Certainty, recognition, acceptance, respect, belonging. Knowing that what I do has meaning. Am I accepted? Am I appreciated?
How to achieve it nowadays?

  • To better understand what is happening in the context of the pandemic, in me, in others, in the environment.
  • To identify what is happening inside me, what is going on in me right now. How can I understand this better? How do I know what to do about it?
  • Develop the ability to respond appropriately.
  • To learn to use basic tools for improving self-awareness, relationships and also the atmosphere in the team in the current situation.

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