Find your WHY

The course  Find your WHY is focused on how to meaningfully and purposefully build your own career .

If you have your own “WHY”, you are still part of something bigger. The answer to this question infuses you with passion and energy in everything you do. You simply enjoy what you do.

Practical training inspired by Simon Sinek’s book: Start with the question why.

A new form of education:

A combination of face-to-face and online training

  • The 1st part of the course is conducted face-to-face in a group – the duration of half a day
  • 2nd part of the course – 2 x individual online interviews with the lecturer – 2 x 1 hour
  • 3rd part of the course – joint online meeting of participants
  • Learn how to meaningfully and purposefully build your own career.
  • To understand the process of discovering your own why – your mission and beliefs that drive you forward.
  • Outline your own why.
  • I. attendance part:

    The philosophy of the why question

    • Three levels of functioning of a person, a team, an organization – searching for answers to the questions: WHAT – HOW – WHY.
    • WHAT and HOW is rational, WHY is more emotional and therefore more difficult to formulate.
    • The concept of asking why is based on biological principles.

    Why as a tool for maximum use of an individual’s potential

    • The concept of the Golden Circle.
    • The process of discovering mission and meaning for an individual.

    Three steps of the process of discovering your own why

    • Collecting and telling stories
    • the sum of all a person’s experiences and stories creates his personality.
    • Identifying key themes
    • only some situations repeat themselves and have a significant impact on their own why.
    • Formulating your own why
    • simple, clear, aimed at influencing people and formulated positively.

    Preparation for individual consultations

    II. individual online part

    • 2 meetings of the lecturer with each participant.

    III. group online part

    • joint evaluation, presentation of your WHY and sharing of experiences.

    If you are aware of your WHY and act according to it, you are acting in harmony with yourself. It’s easier to find answers to WHAT and HOW. You make decisions faster, you are more resistant to stress, you increase the persuasiveness of your communication with the people around you – e.g. with your colleagues, customers and also with your loved ones.

What do my team members experience in an unplanned home office? How to be a colleague in remote cooperation not only as a boss, but also as a support and motivator. The difference is in the result.

  • What my workers are currently experiencing, what it evokes in them
  • Remote motivation options
  • The leader/manager as support for his team – the importance of support and social contact at a distance
  • My internal resources and the internal resources of my workers – using our skills and experience from the past in a new non-standard/stressful/discomfort situation
  • Emotions of workers and how to react to them, how to help overcome negative emotions
  • Working with your own emotion
  • Tools I can use
  • Interacting with participants and answering questions

Technical prerequisites:
To implement the course, it is possible to use the customer’s online platform or the Zoom platform.
Internet connection with a camera, microphone and speaker (e.g. laptop) is required for participation.

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