Every phone call is an opportunity

The course “Every phone call is an opportunity” is intended for call center operators, as well as for all those who can turn a service call into the resale of products or carry out business by phone, or arrange meetings for traders. It is suitable for call center operators focused on sales.

  • To improve participants in turning a service phone conversation into a sales one
  • To teach the participants to engage the potential customer so that he is willing to communicate during the entire telephone conversation
  • To teach participants to use basic sales techniques in telephone communication with customers
  • Recognize buying signals from the customer over the phone and be able to conclude a business conversation by placing an order or arranging a meeting
  • Practice practical communication and business situations as part of audio training

Generating opportunities and selling over the phone

  • How do sales opportunities arise during service phone calls?
  • Advantages and limitations of telephone sales

Opportunity utilization and the telephone sales process

  • Turning the service telephone conversation into the sale of other services
  • The structure of a business telephone conversation
  • First contact with the customer. How to make sure that the customer doesn’t end the call before I start?

Selling the benefit and identifying needs

  • Verification and discovery of needs, questions on how to engage the customer in the conversation


  • Arousing the customer’s interest in the offered products
  • How to create a space for a presentation? Presentation of the offer

Overcoming objections

  • Objections at the beginning of the phone call (I don’t have time, I’m not interested, etc.)
  • Objections after the presentation, overcoming objections, methodology, argumentation

Obtaining consent

  • Closing the deal, getting the order
  • Arranging a meeting date for the sales representative

Model business interview training

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