Effective CC supervisor

The Effective Supervisor CC  course is aimed at a deeper understanding of the supervisor’s role and finding the optimal distribution of the components of their work.

The course is designed for supervisors and managers of Call Centers, contact centers, customer services, as well as various types of departments, a prominent part of which is customer care.

  • Deeper understanding of the supervisor’s role and finding the optimal distribution of the components of your work.
  • Give a significant impetus to the proactive approach of supervisors to their tasks.
  • To improve in assigning tasks, checking them and providing appropriate feedback for different situations.
  • To learn to communicate directly and without unnecessary emotional undertone about necessary but unpopular measures with colleagues.
  • To improve in the evaluation of colleagues and in the conduct of evaluation interviews.

The role of the supervisor

  • maintaining and developing the system, developing and motivating colleagues,
  • proactivity in the supervisor’s work, work system, its importance and development.

Unambiguous assignment of tasks

  • use of communication rules when assigning tasks,
  • types of assignment.

Communication techniques for providing feedback

  • how to give feedback effectively
  • praise, positive guidance and reprimand,
  • feedback technique for unwanted behavior.

Communication about unpopular measures

  • persuasiveness, argumentation,
  • working with the opposite opinion.

Development of associates

  • leadership styles depending on the stage of development of the co-worker,
  • training, on-the-job training, coaching, workshops to exchange experiences, etc…

Assessment and assessment interview

  • evaluation of the performance quality of cc agents and workers in contact with the customer,
  • principles and structure of the evaluation interview.

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