Creativity and Innovation I: How to look at things differently

Course Creativity and Innovation I  is aimed at mastering selected useful and creative techniques .

“Creativity is a skill that can be learned, practiced and use by everyone.”

Edward De Bono

  • Develop your personal and team creative potential and realize the importance of creativity and a creative way of thinking.
  • Master selected useful creative techniques.
  • Master 5 practical tools of creative thinking.

Creativity as an important skill

  • Why it is important for everyone and how it can help us at work, in life, in our approach

A creative leap

  • The tension between courage and realism in finding ideas for practice

Useful creative techniques

  • 4 techniques that help to make a creative leap:
  • Up and down: working with changing perspective
  • Negative: potential for exaggeration
  • Thinking hats: roles that help develop and deepen an idea
  • Random word: metaphor helps

Systematic Inventive Thinking – SIT

5 creative thinking tools that were behind many successful innovations

  1. Subtraction
  2. Multiplication
  3. Division
  4. Task Unification
  5. Attribute Dependency Change

How to develop your own and team creativity

The training will be conducted practically and interactively, participants will try individual creative techniques on concrete examples.

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