Emotional intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence  course is aimed at improving the ability to understand other people.

  • To improve and develop the participants’ abilities to respond to emotional stimuli in working relationships
  • Improve your ability to understand other people
  • Learn to express your emotions clearly and in a way that is acceptable to others
  • Improve communication with problematic and conflicted people
  • Understand self-motivation and know how to work with it


  • I know myself, and therefore I know who I am and what I am experiencing
  • I look through the window into my own soul


  • It happened to me again, but I managed myself
  • I see it, I like it, I want it, I really want it, I can’t live without it… But I can: the victory of self-control


  • I want, I don’t want, I want, I don’t want… How to start your inner engine?
  • Walt Disney went bankrupt several times. What drove him forward?


  • The tragedy of misunderstanding
  • Understand me at last!
  • I read others like an open book

Social skills

  • I’m really good with people
  • They like me or the secret of popularity

And what about in real (working) life?

Emotional intelligence in different contexts:
Me and colleague, Me and superior, Me and the subordinate, Me and the client

  • Practical situations in which it is good to turn on your EQ (solving situations between colleagues, situations with a superior, emotions in contact with a client, etc.)
  • How to achieve goals (success, results) and at the same time maintain good relations with others?
  • How to use EQ to solve emotionally tense situations?
  • How to use EQ to get along with different personalities (how to get along with people I didn’t get along with before)?

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