Analytical thinking – thinking in contexts

The course is based on an ESCAPE ROOM game. The participants escape from an old factory that is about to explode. Under time pressure, they move from one room to another and solve tasks in which they test their analytical skills, thinking in broader contexts and, above all, apply common sense.

At the same time, they become familiar with practical tools that will help them solve problems and tasks not only on the course, but also in their practice.

  • To improve the skill of the participants to solve situations where it is necessary to use “common sense” and thinking in context.
  • To develop the analytical skills of the participants.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid errors in thinking.
  • To improve in working with information and in the ability to think in broader contexts.

Analytical thinking

  • basic principles, definition of analytical thinking, when it is appropriate to use analytical thinking, when creative.

The most common mistakes and barriers to thinking

  • errors in thinking and judgment and how to avoid them, barriers and obstacles in thinking, how to trick the brain – practical examples of errors in thinking.

Phases of problem solving

  • using analytical thinking in solving problems, defining the problem space, how to understand what the “actual problem” is.

Heuristics and algorithm

  • comparison of two approaches to analysis, their advantages and limitations.

Work with information

  • collection of information, selection of relevant information, their analysis and evaluation, solving tasks focused on working with information.

The practical side of analytical thinking – common sense

  • selected analytical thinking techniques, visualization, matrix, table…

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