Chat communication – How to communicate professionally via chat

The Chat Communication  course is aimed at mastering the principles of communication with clients in the form of chat communication at the Call Center 

  • Adopt and set the principles of communication with clients in the form of chat communication at the Call Center.
  • Understand the specifics of chat communication and the difference from e-mail communication.
  • Learn to communicate effectively, promptly and pro-customer through chat with clients.
  • To practice professional chat communication on model situations from the participants’ practice.

Professional communication in the form of chat

  • Professional communication with the client in the form of chat.
  • Specifics of communication via chat.
  • Differences between chat and e-mail communication.
  • Principles and recommendations for communication via chat.

Workshop to map typical situations from the participants’ practice, on which training will take place

Principles and rules of professional chat communication

  • Key principles when communicating via chat.
  • Basic rules (appropriate address, formality/informality, comprehensibility and clarity, short answers, use of emoticons, customer friendliness, questions, appropriate ending, etc.)
  • Generational differences in the perception of chat communication.

Pro-customer friendliness in chat communication

  • Chat communication personalization and client mirroring.
  • Different perception of time on the part of the worker and on the part of the client.
  • Triggers of negative reactions: risky phrases in chat communication to avoid.
  • How to reduce the risk of emotional drift in communication channels and how to respond to misunderstandings.
  • Adaptation of communication to different types of clients.
  • How to deal with “looped”
  • What to write back to the client in a situation where we cannot attend to him at the moment.

Practice of chat communication from the practice of the participants

  • Analysis of participants’ chat communication samples.
  • Coaching feedback from the lecturer.

Interactive practice of chat communication. Communication alertness and customer service training.

 The training also includes live chat training or role play training of model situations from the participants’ practice.

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