A series of courses on the topic of the hybrid work environment

This series of courses focuses on how to improve self-management skills and increase self-efficacy within a hybrid work environment .

Hybrid work – alternating online and offline days – is becoming a new reality. Some cannot praise it, for others it is a source of concern. How to respond to this trend in order to maintain productivity, flexibility and teamwork? How to understand the different needs of people in a hybrid system so that no one feels at a disadvantage? This is also what our series of courses on the common topic of working in a hybrid environment is about.

The series consists of 4 half-day online courses:  “Self-management in a hybrid work environment”, “Management in a hybrid environment I”, “Management in a hybrid environment II”  and ” Online meetings” .

  • Improve the ability of self-management and increase own efficiency within a hybrid work environment.
  • Get better at managing a hybrid team.
  • To provide participants with best practices, recommendations and tips for effectively managing management in a hybrid work environment.
  • Learn how to conduct virtual meetings so that they are effective.

Self-management in a hybrid work environment (0.5 days)

  • Hybrid work environment – best practices
  • Planning in hybrid mode
  • Practical advice on how to manage yourself

Driving in a hybrid environment I (0.5 days)

  • Hybrid work environment models
  • The manager’s role in managing a hybrid team
  • Influence on planning, organizing, controlling, motivating and feedback

Driving in a hybrid environment II (0.5 days)

  • The psychological side of the hybrid environment
  • Manager’s dilemmas in a hybrid environment
  • Development of independence and engagement
  • Building and maintaining a good team atmosphere in a hybrid environment

Online consultations (0.5 days)

  • Specifics of the online program
  • Preparation for conducting an online meeting
  • Management of the course of the virtual meeting
  • Challenging situations during the virtual meeting and their management

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