The manager as a creator of psychological safety

Creating psychological safety becomes one of the important tasks of leaders and organizations for building successful and stable teams. Especially in a rapidly changing world and work environment. This course will provide you with practical tools for building psychological safety in the work environment, for increasing trust, open communication, engagement and productivity of employees.

The course is intended for managers, leaders and HR workers.

  • Understand the importance of psychological safety in the work environment.
  • Recognize factors affecting psychological safety and their impact on performance.
  • Get practical tools and techniques for building psychological safety in your team.

The power of psychological safety in the work environment

Benefits of a safe environment at work
Factors affecting psychological safety
Stages of psychological safety


Building trust and open communication

How to conduct safe meetings and encourage engagement


Feedback as the key to maintaining psychological safety

How to give feedback securely?
Learning from mistakes and failures – cultivating a growth mindset


How to set clear rules for resolving potential conflicts

Identifying conflicts and solving them in the team
What to do when there is a conflict or a difficult situation
Recognize emotions
Rules for quick and constructive conflict resolution and improving team dynamics


Practical steps and routines for building and maintaining psychological safety

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