SPC II – Solving SPC Application Problems

The  SPC II course – problem solving  is focused on  the application of procedures that need to be mastered when using  statistical methods  in practice.

  • Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, participants apply the content mainly using  exercises and examples from practice.
  • Top lecturers  with experience and experts in their field.
  • High degree of satisfaction  of course participants .

The form of realization of the course is  face-to-face or online (or both forms) .
The working methods used in the training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adapt the content to the needs of the participants and  prioritize the transfer of knowledge into practice .

  • Give practical instructions for the application of procedures that need to be mastered when using statistical methods in practice.
  • Show how to apply SPC in situations where process data does not follow a standard normal distribution and how to verify that the data measurement system is competent.
  • At specific exercises using computer training programs, support the participants’ ability to apply the mentioned methods in their own processes.

Use of SPC

  • Examples and experiences of participants with the application of statistical methods.
  • Questions related to the use of SPC in organizations in the analysis and improvement of processes.
  • Summary of basic tools and examples of their application in practice.

Special cases of SPC

  • Application of SPC in non-standard situations, e.g. abnormal data distribution, trending processes, small series production and short production batches.
  • SPC for continuous processes. Time interval monitoring.
  • Parallel processes. Group diagrams. Special procedures.
  • Samples of SPC problem solving from various organizations.
  • Computer simulations of problem solving using SPC methods.

MSA – Measurement system and measuring capability

  • Accuracy, linearity and stability.
  • Repeatability and verifiability.
  • Procedure for evaluating the capabilities of measurement systems using an R & R study.
  • Evaluation of attributive measurement systems using the cross tabulation method – KAPPA.
  • Practical application using computers.
During the SPC I-III trainings, participants can use either their own software (Minitab, or other) or the “SPC for Excel” software, which will be loaned to them during the trainings and can be purchased at a discounted price.

For course participants, we offer the possibility of subsequent application support in the form of individual consultation with a lecturer or in the form of workshops directly at the client.


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