Problem solving – methods and tools for solving problems

The Problem solving course is aimed at determining the root causes of problems and the subsequent implementation of the solution.

  • Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, participants apply the content mainly with the help of simulations and examples from practice.
  • Top lecturers with experience and experts in their field.
  • High level of satisfaction of course participants.

The working methods used in the training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adapt the content to the needs of the participants and prioritize the transfer of knowledge into practice .


  • Apply the team methodology of problem solving to a selected problem from the company’s processes with the aim of solving the problem and providing participants with practical knowledge and skills for using individual problem solving tools.
  • Gain the ability to choose the right tool depending on the type of problem being solved or tasks.
  • Process a proposal to solve a practical problem using selected quality tools.

Presentation of the methodology for structured problem solving

  • PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Over-Achieve)
  • Overview of methodologies (8D, A3, 5why, Ishikawa, Brainstorming)
  • When to apply which?

Strategies for identifying the root cause (root cause analysis)

  • Problem definition
  • Asking the right questions and identifying sources of variability
  • Knowledge-based approaches vs. convergent approaches
  • Isolating the problem
  • Contrast analysis
  • 5 x Why? Typical dominance of a root cause problem

Proposal of solutions and implementation of countermeasures

  • Good and bad solutions (including the most common troubleshooting mistakes)
  • How to design a good solution, how to make sure it works
  • Implementation of solutions to the problem

Solving the task from the environment of the participants

  • Selection of a specific task to practice quality tools in solving problems and tasks
    from the training participants’ practice.

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