Optimization of processes by neural networks

The course  Optimization of processes by neural networks is aimed at understanding the basics of AI and its use in  real company processes .

  • Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, participants apply the content mainly using exercises and examples from practice.
  • Top lecturers  with experience and experts in their field.
  • High degree of satisfaction  of course participants .

The standard form of course implementation is online.

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  • Understanding the basic principles of artificial intelligence (computer learning) and how they are used in real company processes.
  • Depending on the maturity of the company from the point of view of deploying smart solutions, the target groups may also be different. In the case of companies starting with digitization and deployment of smart solutions, the appropriate target group is management with the ability to make decisions. In the case of more advanced companies, the target group is professional workers with a focus on managing and improving processes, quality, but also technology, or even workers responsible for data analysis.

The use of artificial intelligence today

  • Basic principles of computer learning (Hands-on).
  • A sample and overview of more complex methods of computer learning (deep learning, etc.
  • Use cases of the use of artificial intelligence in the future (examples).
  • AI software support, tools and services (overview).

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