Psychology of sales

The Psychology of Sales  course is aimed at improving the creation of a pleasant atmosphere and building a relationship with the customer during business transactions .

  • Understand the psychological needs of the customer.
  • Improve effective communication with the customer.
  • To improve in creating a pleasant atmosphere for business dealings and building a relationship with the customer.
  • To introduce participants to mirroring techniques and allow them to try them out during the training.
  • Learn to identify different types of customers and adapt the content of business dealings to them.

Psychological aspects of sales

  • Three lines of sales: system, psychological, communication.
  • Signals and indicators.

Communication with the customer – verbal communication

  • Mapping the meaning of words, the intention of verbal announcements.
  • Positive expression and customer-oriented words.

Non-verbal communication with the customer

  • The importance of non-verbal communication in business.
  • How to avoid communicating what we don’t want without words.
  • The impact of non-verbal communication on the customer.
  • Elements of non-verbal communication, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, movements, etc.

Identification of purchase motivations

  • How to identify purchase motivations – choice preferences.

Identification of customer types

  • Basic typology of customer behavior.
  • How to identify the type of customer behavior and what approach to choose?

Building a relationship with the customer

  • Mirroring techniques, verbal and non-verbal mirroring.
  • Sensory types of customers.

Coping with mental stress in the shop

  • Calming and relaxation techniques.

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