Phone Communication for Service Desk

The Telephone Communication for Service Desk  course is aimed at strengthening the customer-oriented attitude of Service Desk employees in telephone conversations.

The training is focused on the so-called soft skills and unlike standard Soft Skills training, it is adapted for Service Desk tasks and processes, set according to ITIL® Best Practice. The training is intended for IT operators of Service Desk workplaces. The training is prepared in cooperation with Omnicom.

  • Strengthen the customer-oriented attitude of the Service Desk staff in the telephone conversation.
  • To improve in accurate, factual, concise and positively received way of communication for the user.
  • To practice practical phone communication situations within model phone calls.
  • Improve communication under pressure and master selected assertive techniques.

Telephone communication with an internal user

  • Principles of telephoning. Creating a professional image
  • Structure of a telephone interview
  • Verbal telephone communication (appropriate and inappropriate words, phrases)

Standard telephone situations

  • Problem identification (effective and structured questioning)
  • Selection of input information from the user
  • Providing information and navigating when troubleshooting or troubleshooting (using understandable language for the user)
  • Brief and effective communication of the Service Desk operator
  • Informing the user about the further procedure of the solution

Handling difficult telephone situations in contact with the user

  • Managing your own emotions and the emotions of an angry user
  • Selected assertive techniques (to deal with unauthorized requests, long-winded users, etc.)

Internal customer orientation

After completing the training, the participant will be able to conduct a telephone conversation with a customer at a professional level, set according to the requirements of ITIL® Best Practice. He will be able to handle difficult telephone situations in communication with the user.

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