Negotiation III

The Negotiation III  course is focused on how to keep the initiative in negotiations on your side.

  • To teach participants how to keep the initiative in negotiations on their side.
  • To improve the participants in handling difficult objections during negotiations.
  • Familiarize yourself with techniques suitable for processing high-quality and highly professional preparation for an important negotiation.
  • Master another SIMON argumentation technique.
  • To improve in negotiation with several partners at the same time and with negotiation in a team.
  • Prepare for the difficult negotiations that await the participants in the near future.

Role play

Participants will receive descriptions of the roles and situations in which the negotiation will take place

According to the assigned role and situation, they prepare for the negotiation

They will lead a negotiation with a partner and a video recording will be made of the negotiation

The video recording of the negotiation is analyzed (what was done well, what could be improved or done differently)

The course of the negotiation and how to conduct the interview

  • Phases of negotiation, discussion, proposals, agreement, persuasion and argumentation (short repetition from previous negotiation courses)
  • How to conduct a conversation and the direction of negotiation – to have the initiative in your hands?
  • How to buy time after an unexpected proposal and make a quick analysis (for/against). Is it really convenient?

Overcoming difficult objections during negotiations II

  • Difficult and easy objections
  • Preparation for dealing with an objection: a list of expected objections (especially difficult ones)
  • How to prepare an argumentation?
  • Avoid pushing arguments, looking at the objection from the partner’s side, looking for a way out, techniques for overcoming objections

Argumentative technique SIMONA (situation, options, proposals)

Use of appropriate techniques to prepare for negotiation

  • SWOT and force field analysis
  • The influence of non-participating Stakeholders on the course of negotiations

Conducting negotiations in a team

  • Pitfalls and benefits of team negotiation
  • Rules of cooperation in team negotiations

Negotiation with several partners at once

Role play negotiation in a meeting about a decision that affects more than one department

  • Specifics of the current negotiation situation with several partners
  • Use of interest analysis and force fields

Preparation and training for the negotiation that awaits the participant

Video training of negotiation and feedback

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