Line Balancing

The Line Balancing  course focuses on minimizing the time required to complete the production process, evenly distributing work and time between different stations on the production line.

  • Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, participants apply the content mainly using  exercises and examples from practice.
  • Top lecturers  with experience and experts in their field.
  • High level of satisfaction  of course participants


The form of course implementation is  face-to-face or online (or both forms) .
The working methods used in the training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adapt the content to the needs of the participants and  prioritize the transfer of knowledge into practice .

  • We will learn the principles and practical procedures of balancing the production line in the context of the overall flow.
  • We will understand the waste in the process.
  • We identify areas for improvement (Management of bottlenecks)
  • We acquire the ability to determine the standard of work by direct and indirect methods.

Introduction to the concept of lean production.

  • Types of waste
  • Value stream

Basics of production line balancing

  • Such a time
  • Cycle time
  • Narrow place

Line balancing procedure on a practical example.

  • Chronometer
  • Video analysis

Identifying the potential to improve the balance of the production line

  • Yamazumi method

Determination of the Norm

  • Direct and indirect (MOST) work standardization method

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