How to impress at the first contact with the client

The course How to attract attention during the first contact with a client  is focused on how to innovate the presentation of participants in a business telephone conversation.

  • To provide traders with new inspirations and innovative elements that can be used in the first telephone contact with the client with the aim of arousing the client’s interest and increasing the chance of his acquisition.
  • To teach participants to use various advanced techniques for overcoming difficult objections.
  • Increase the ability in targeted argumentation and formulate a database of strong arguments that can be used in the current situation in a conversation with a client.
  • Innovate the presentation of participants in a business telephone conversation.

First telephone contact

  • Usual vs innovative approach – what we use by default vs what other, creative, innovative options we have
  • How to do it differently than before

Arranging a meeting

  • What to do to be successful
  • Appropriate responses to meeting rejection

Arousal of interest and presentation

  • Arousing the customer’s interest – how to differentiate yourself from standard “phrases” and competition
  • The first contact with the client, how to start, to arouse interest and create space for the presentation
  • How to create a need and make an appointment
  • How to create a space for a presentation?
  • Presentation of the offer – punchy and without unnecessary phrases
  • New trends and innovative ways of first contact
  • Appropriate responses to the initial meeting rejection – turning the rejection into an opportunity

Formulating arguments

  • Targeted argumentation
  • How to argue so that we are interested

Difficult objections

  • What objections do we currently encounter, how to deal with them
  • Objections at different stages – objections to arranging a meeting, objections to acquisition, etc.
  • Different advanced techniques for overcoming objections, when to use which
  • Preparation for specific practical objections

Solving situations from participants’ practice – analysis, solution and role play of selected specific situations from participants’ practice

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