The Engagement course is focused on how to improve in leading colleagues to engaged and involved functioning in the organization .

There are people whose work is fun and fulfilling. But there are also those who do not put their heart into their work, they may work well, but “from then on”. And then there are those who are more “against” on the imaginary scale – they are dissatisfied, and they show it to everyone. The questions for the manager are: Did I choose the wrong people? Have I contributed to the fact that my co-workers are demotivated? And especially the question: What can I do to change it for the better?

  • To improve in leading colleagues to engaged and involved functioning in the organization.
  • To learn to look at things through the lens of the organization (goals, tasks and results) and through the lens of colleagues.
  • To improve in checking expectations, listening and appreciating colleagues.

Why Engagement

  • Clarifying the concept of what the goals of employee engagement and involvement are.
  • Company context (company culture, people and processes, losses and profits).
  • Conditions for Engagement and barriers to Engagement.

What co-workers experience…

  • Clear and unclear goals and expectations.
  • Listening and “listening”.
  • Interest, appreciation, value and self-worth.
  • Communication by word and deed.
  • 7 broken shortcuts to Engagement.

… and what about us as executives

  • My own Engagement.
  • Me and my role.
  • Sources of my engagement.
  • When am I an obstacle?
  • The weakness of infallibility, the strength of vulnerability.

Formulating clear expectations

  • I know what I expect from you; do you know what i expect from you?
  • Verification, predictability and uncertainty.
  • You mean…?

Listening, appreciation and support

  • 4 listening levels, text, subtext, context.
  • Catch people doing something good.
  • Creating a safe environment.
  • Validation and value of collaborators.

Development plan

  • Associate development plan.
  • Self development plan.

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