EFQM Model

  • The EFQM Model course is focused on the practical procedures of conducting evaluation projects of one’s own company.
  • Under the guidance  of an experienced lecturer, participants  apply the content to their own organization.

The form of course implementation is  face-to-face or online (or both forms) .
The working methods used in the training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adaptation of the content to the needs of the participants and a  priority focus on the transfer of knowledge into practice .

  • To provide the management with the project manager with the understanding and ability to use in practice the EFQM Model and the company’s self-assessment methods and tools.
  • Train internal evaluators
  • Contribute to the practical application of evaluation according to the EFQM Model in the organization.

EFQM Model

  • A case study demonstrating the use of organizational assessment.
  • criteria of the EFQM model.
  • Assumptions and results.
  • Mutual ties.
  • Organizational leadership and strategy.
  • Management of workers, worker satisfaction.
  • Processes, customer satisfaction, business results (performance results).
  • Partnerships and resources, impact on society.

Evaluation procedure according to model criteria:

  • Key themes and their connections
  • Application of self-evaluation and evaluation procedures according to the EFQM model.
  • Points allocation procedure.
  • Consensus-building process.

Assessment Approaches Overview of Methods:

  • Questionnaire method. Matrix. Workshop.
  • Pro-forma. Price simulation.
  • Comparison in terms of demands and benefits.
  • Working with the selected method.

Application of evaluation according to the EFQM model in your own organization

  • Application to the selected element and area. Workshop with evaluation samples.

Practical assessment questions according to the EFQM model

  • Application experience, potential problems and their solution.

The course is designed for managers, project leaders and internal evaluators

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We will provide you with more detailed information about the price, possible dates and training schedule.

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