Working with a group in moderating workshops

The course  How to lead business meetings to a solution  is focused on how to manage  effective management  and  preparation of business meetings  and  workshops.

  • Master the effective management and preparation of work meetings and workshops.
  • To learn how to proceed in moderating workshops so that they are successful and reach a solution and agreement.
  • To teach participants the techniques of moderating workshops and meetings.
  • To develop the participants’ ability to handle difficult situations in the group.

How to proceed when leading and moderating work meetings and workshops

  • Practical instructions – steps, phases of the meeting and how to proceed.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Meeting Moderator.

Moderation of the workshop

  • Orientation in the content – orientation in the process.
  • Working with time.
  • Opening and closing individual phases of the meeting.

How to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting

  • Motivating the participants to the activity.
  • Obtaining a common agreement.
  • Coping with more difficult situations in a group:
    – solving conflicts, disputes and dilemmas
    – escaping from the topic
    – when no one knows what to do next
    – undesirable behavior of individuals.

Success factors

  • How to manage the most common risks and mistakes.

Practice conducting a meeting with feedback

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