Time management

The Time Management  course  is focused on how  to master time planning techniques that will enable participants to achieve  higher performance.

  • Identify reserves in the use of time and master time planning techniques that will enable participants to achieve higher performance
  • Learn to prioritize and process a weekly plan
  • Effectively manage work on multiple tasks in parallel

Time management

  • Identification of the level of time planning, four generations of time management
  • Time planning resources

Analysis of time use

  • Daily log, time thieves
  • Time in my control, time when others dictate my schedule
  • The tasks I perform

Target orientation

  • Setting goals, long-term, medium-term and short-term goals

Time management matrix

  • Priorities, urgency and importance, ABC method

Practical advice on how not to waste time

  • Pareto’s principle, division of large tasks, performance curve
  • Determination of time limits, corporate culture

Weekly plan

  • Principles of creating time plans, weekly plan, daily plan

The good and the bad of multitasking

  • How should we deal with parallel work on multiple tasks?

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