Team and inter-team cooperation and internal customer

The course Team and inter-team cooperation and internal customer  is aimed at developing cooperation and communication within the team and between different teams and departments in the organization.

  • Developing cooperation and communication within the team and between different teams and departments in the organization
  • Understanding the importance of cooperation in a team and realizing a common goal
  • Strengthening the internal customer orientation of the participants
  • Team roles and principles of cooperation and communication in the team
  • Improvement in working with selected teamwork tools
  • Understanding of processes and the process basis for management and teamwork

Introduction to teamwork and orientation to the internal customer

Team game ZIN

 A game that simulates the situation of team members’ cooperation, its analysis and application to the participants’ practice

  • The goal of the game is to identify the principles of effective communication in a team
  • Determining the role in the team
  • Determination of the strategy of the procedure
  • Information selection – the ability to listen and select important information

Principles of effective cooperation and communication between teams

  • Justification of the rules for effective team cooperation
  • The most common mistakes in communication between teams: unjustified prejudices, distortion of information, incomplete information, insufficient communication, incomplete communication cycle
  • How to prevent communication errors in the team?

ON simulation

Experience what the effect of high-quality team and inter-team cooperation can be, it is a wonderful motivation to improve the performance of your organization

  • Simulation of team and inter-team cooperation
  • Improving internal communication

Internal customer orientation

  • Principles of internal customer orientation in practice
  • The relationship between the supplier and the internal customer
  • Expectations and needs of the internal customer
  • Establishing common rules for cooperation between the internal supplier and the customer

Zero sum game

The game for is focused on cooperation between teams or work groups and brings the understanding that playing only for one’s own goals leads to a worse outcome of the organization.

Understanding the process

  • A process as a sequence of steps leading to a goal
  • Process as a basis for cooperation between colleagues and teams
  • Ownership and transfer of information, product and services in the process

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