Behavioral method of conducting selection interviews

The course Behavioral method of conducting selection interviews  is focused on how best to get information about the candidate and assess his suitability.

The course is intended for recruiters, recruiters, employees of HR departments, as well as all managers who participate in selection interviews.

  • To develop participants’ skills in one of the most effective ways of conducting selection interviews.
  • Be able to obtain the necessary information about the candidate and assess his suitability.
  • Practically practice behavioral interviewing and asking questions according to the STAR model.
  • Provide participants with feedback based on practical training of the method.

Planning and preparation of the selection interview

  • What do you need to know to make a successful selection interview?
  • Work with sources of information about the candidate. Preparation of the behavioral interview.

 Conducting a behavioral interview

  • The structure of the selection interview and the method of conducting the interview, the STAR method.
  • Preparation of behavioral questions according to key criteria and competencies.
  • Adapting the interview to the position and type of candidate.

Behavioral questioning technique

  • Rules for asking questions according to the STAR method.
  • Signals and evidence of skills, suitability, seniority and motivators.
  • Creating a database of suitable questions that you will go home with.
  • Evaluation of answers and warning signals in the candidate’s speech.

Errors in judgment and feedback

  • What do we observe in others?
  • The most common mistakes in assessing applicants.

 Evaluation of the interview

  • Record of the selection interview using the behavioral method.
  • Evaluation of the candidate.

 Please bring your own CV and the structure of how you currently conduct selection interviews to the course (e.g. selection interview recording sheet, list of questions, etc.).

 Part of the training is practical training in the behavioral method of interviewing with analysis and developmental feedback from the lecturer.

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