Erika Matwij

As a lecturer, she is involved in consultancy and advisory activities in the field of human resource management. Since 1999, she has been leading training projects for FBE in the areas of personnel management, communication, and motivation. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava, majoring in psychology. She has completed long-term training programs in human resource management and holds a certified coaching course within ICF. For 10 years, she worked as the head of the HR department at ERGO Insurance, gaining practical experience in human resource management (employee recruitment and selection, assessment centers, satisfaction and social climate analyses, personnel audits, 360° feedback, etc.). In 2010, she founded the company Human Inside, which she successfully manages to this day.

Key references:

MTA SLOVAKIA, Scheaffler Skalica a Kysuce, AWS-Slovakia, TRW Automotive, Hella Signal Lighting, Lucron Group, Slovak Telekom, BASF Slovensko, HMH, PosAm, Mondi SCP, Kellys etc.

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