Self-management in a hybrid work environment

The course is designed for workers who will work in the new system – part of the week commuting to work and part of the week working from home. How should we set priorities when we need to balance home and work duties? How do we maintain performance when working hours can vary from day to day? How not to waste time on activities that are not suitable for the given environment?

The course belongs to a series of courses on the topic of hybrid work environment, which consists of 4 half-day courses:  “Self-management in a hybrid work environment”,  “Management in a hybrid environment I”,  “Management in a hybrid environment II” and Online meetings”.

In case of ordering the entire series, the participant has a 25% discount on all courses of this series.

  • Know the benefits and pitfalls of a hybrid work environment.
  • To learn how to plan effectively so that participants can handle tasks at home and in the office.
  • To acquire self-management techniques suitable for a constantly changing situation.

Hybrid work environment – best practices

  • Hybrid work environment – what are its advantages and disadvantages? Experience and what the research says.
  • Which communication channel to choose according to the situation (personal meeting, phone call, email, video call).
  • Strategic use of time at work – how not to kill it with administration.

Planning in hybrid mode

  • Synchronous and asynchronous tasks.
  • Weak ties / strong ties / inputs / outputs. Flash analysis of labor relations. Where can a weak link in the communication chain make it difficult for me to get important information?
  • Key outputs of my work – what should be my tangible results?

Practical advice on how to manage yourself

  • Constantly changing priorities – what about it?
  • Big rocks and singletasking – how to accomplish the most important tasks of the day and when to attend to them.
  • Energy management – how to not forget to take care of yourself in addition to hybrid work.
  • Personal Productivity Software Tools – An Overview of Prioritization and Self-Management Tools.

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