Leadership with horses

The Leadership with horses course is aimed at getting an incentive to develop your leadership skills by interacting with a horse .

  • Get a stimulus to develop your leadership skills by interacting with a majestic animal as a partner.
  • Align how I communicate, what signals I send with what I strive for in communication.
  • Using various analogies to better understand the various situations in which I, as a leader, find myself and have to deal with them.
  • Seeing yourself “from the other side” and receiving immediate, honest, authentic and developmental feedback.

Situations about which we learn a lot through experience and its analysis

  • New team, new colleagues. What do I radiate? How will they look at me? What should I do to become a leader in their eyes?
  • Overcoming obstacles and getting the team to follow me so I don’t waste time overcoming uncertainty.
  • Accepting and receiving assignments.
  • Change management, getting the team to do something completely new that is not their own.
  • Company vision and its values. How to motivate the team and its members to follow her?

Practical learning with horses (riding room instead of a classroom)

  • Instruction, what, why and how we will do.
  • A few words about who our partner is and how he is similar to the team/collaborators.
  • Demonstrations, assignments, practical testing – all work with horses.

The tasks that are solved are more and more demanding for the horse (and therefore also for the leader who leads it)

  • Reflection of the experience, identification of analogies with managerial practice – what we realized, how and when we will use it in practice.

Leadership with Horses – starting points

The horse is a natural partner of man, learning with horses has existed for centuries. For people in leadership positions, it is an ideal litmus test of their skills and abilities. A horse senses mood, confidence, but also fear, impatience or aggressiveness, and will honestly and without circumlocution express what it feels with its behavior. He is able to quickly “forget” and “forgive”, and when learning, he immediately provides a second chance, which we do not always get in working life.

The cycle of practical learning in the riding hall and reflections after riding are repeated on the first and second day. Based on self-reflection and reflection, participants draw up individual plans for further development.

After the course, participants will receive a video recording of their own work with a horse.

Training motto: Little theory, lots of practice.

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