How to achieve results and maintain good relationships

The course  How to achieve results and maintain good relationships  is focused on how  to get inspiration , how to have  both work results  and  good relationships  in a hectic time.

  • Get inspiration on how to have both work results and good relationships in a hectic time.
  • Better know your personal preferences and realize their impact on effectiveness and relationships.
  • Get specific innovative ideas and tips for working on yourself and your relationships with others.
  • Improve your own effectiveness without feeling exhausted.

“5 speeds”

  • The “speeds” at which we operate in everyday life.
  • Every “speed” is important. Are we using them all?
  • Principles of shifting gears in our life.

My speed ranking

  • What is my gear order? We are all different!
  • Understanding one’s own tendencies, understanding others.
  • Warning signs, how to know which speed I feel best at / which I have a problem with.
  • How to restore balance, my “stress gear”.
  • When to engage reverse.

What do I do with it and how?

  • What do I need and how to handle it.
  • Skills, tools, relationships.
  • Let’s set the parameters – the right time and the right place.

Inspirations and tips for our life

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