Employee development 70-20-10

The Employee Development  course  focuses on how to increase the effectiveness of employee development and turn their talent into results .

Surveys and practice in the field of employee development point to an interesting fact that the effectiveness of employee development has a fundamental influence the right balance between formal education, space for the application of what has been learned in practice and informal support from colleagues and managers. This course is dedicated to how to properly mix the development elixir for a specific work environment.

  • Learn the principles of education in the 70-20-10 model and learn about its advantages.
  • Get inspiration on how to increase the efficiency of employee development and turn their talent into results.
  • Improve the use of internal resources and involve new tools in employee development.
  • Learn to design an appropriate mix of development activities for your corporate environment.
  • Get to know the tools for involving colleagues and superiors in the education and development system.

Model 70-20-10

  • 70% learning by doing, 20% through feedback, mentoring and coaching, 10% formal education.
  • Recipe or principle?

Work on projects – challenge and development

  • Allocation of development projects and tasks.
  • Real tasks, real responsibility.
  • Trust in the employee as a prerequisite for development.
  • Learning from mistakes.

How to learn from the more experienced?

  • Mentoring and coaching in company development.
  • Resources we have at home.
  • Targeted sharing of experience and transfer of know-how.
  • Self-study and proactivity in the personal growth of the employee.

Formal education and external skills training

  • When is it better to turn to an external development partner?
  • Targeted development of specific knowledge and skills and how to ensure efficiency.

Observations for applying the model in your practice

  • The ratio of formal and informal education according to the stage of employee development.
  • The right mix according to the type of organization and work tasks.
  • Employee development system and company dynamics (growth, stability, transformation).

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