Agile Leadership

The Agile Leadership course is aimed at learning the principles of this type of management and how to develop the characteristics of an agile leader.

Agile approach is a collection of practices, methods and tools that bring more dynamism, openness to changes, flexibility and cooperation to the organization. However, their full use requires a new personal setting and a specific approach to managing co-workers. How to fulfill these challenges and become a good agile leader? You will learn in this course.

  • Learn how to lead agile teams.
  • Develop the characteristics of an agile leader.
  • Master the principles of agile management.
  • Strengthen your skills for agile leadership.

Agile approach

  • What is an agile approach, the starting points and the difference between a traditional and an agile approach
  • Analysis of our organization and my team – how are we doing in terms of agility

Me and agility

  • Mindset for agility, growth mindset, openness to change, proactivity, willingness to learn
  • Personal SWOT analysis

Key leader skills for effectiveness in an agile environment

  • Future skills of an agile leader

“MOMENTS OF TRUTH” in the practice of an agile leader

Principles of agile management of colleagues

  • Aligned understanding of expectations and purpose of tasks
  • Collaborative approach and flexibility in finding solutions
  • Rules of cooperation and focus on the result

Goal management and efficiency

  • How to formulate goals in an agile environment
  • How to give feedback
  • Team coordination in agile management

Support for agile thinking

  • Support for experimentation and flexibility in thinking
  • We grow together – learning in an agile team

Three pillars of motivation in an agile environment

  • Autonomy
  • Championship
  • Meaning

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