Agile in management refers to an approach to project and process management that is based on agile methodologies.

Agile in management refers to the approach to managing projects and processes, which is based on agile methodologies . Agile management is an approach that seeks to create a flexible and dynamic work process that can respond quickly and effectively to changes in the environment.

An agile approach enables iterative development with gradual improvement of the project result. It is characterized by a team approach, where experts from different fields work together to achieve the goal.

Agile management is different from the waterfall approach, where project steps are arranged in sequence and the outcome is predetermined. An agile approach focuses on constant feedback and adaptation to customer or environment requirements.

This approach is often used in software development. It can also be applied in other areas where faster and more flexible processes are needed. Agile management can be an effective way to improve team performance and achieve better project results.

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