5 reasons for Energy management with John Mulholland

In June, we will welcome an international expert in the field of Energy Management to Bratislava. Why do we think it is useful to come to seminars for one or two days and get inspired for further work in this field?

Energy management with FBE

1. John Mullholland has a lot of practical experience in the field of Energy Management

He has been working in the energy sector for 40 years. It has helped save energy in various industries and services in the UK and 11 other countries. Over the years, he worked not only for some of the world’s largest companies, but also for many small companies. This experience helps his other clients to make projects more efficient.

“I’m happy to work with clients and offer them services that help them achieve their goals and avoid unnecessary problems.”

2. He will discuss with us topics in four key areas

a) Behavioral change and employee engagement – John Mulholland works with a leading behavioral psychologist to help organizations save energy by engaging and changing the behavior of their people.

b) ISO 50001 – has practical experience in the implementation of this important standard in a way that tries to reduce the administrative complexity and focus on the organization’s business goals.

c) ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) – John Mulholland acts as a Lean Assessor, auditor and also auditor of the Environment Agency.

d) Energy programs – It helps clients design the management of their programs and prepare campaigns for them.

3. Combining the best qualification standards with practice.

John holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology, is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, Chartered Energy Consultant registered with the Institute of Energy’s Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC), Chartered Scientist, European Engineer, ISO 50001 Lead Auditor and ESOS Lead Assessor.

“The qualifications I have acquired, together with my practical experience, help me to set the bar high for myself and my colleagues in every client project, no matter how big or small.”

4. Independent advice

John provides services to eliminate conflicts of interest by “partnering” with energy suppliers, equipment suppliers and certification bodies.

5. Close to people

Whether as part of a team or in front of a large audience, John enjoys interacting with people. One of his most valuable assets is “soft skills”. It is most important when working on Engagement Employment and Behavior Change projects.

If these topics resonate with you and you feel that the issues that John Mulholland deals with are important for your organization, come to our 2 courses in March, or let us know if you want to talk to us about it.

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