Lean Summit Czechoslovakia 2024

Uncover the secrets to achieving operational efficiency and excellence through optimised processes.

Lean Summit 2024: Increase your excellence!

Lean Summit 2024 is an event co-organised by FBE – For Business Excellence. Join us on a transformational journey that brings together industry leaders, innovators and experts to explore cutting-edge Lean methods, process management and project excellence.

About the Summit

Lean Summit 2024 is not just a conference, it’s a dynamic platform designed to enable your improvement efforts to achieve the success you so desire. Immerse yourself in a wide variety of inspiring streams, hands-on workshops and engaging discussions led by industry pioneers.

Why attend?

Innovative Stories: Gain insight into the latest trends, strategies and tools shaping Lean methodologies, process excellence and project management.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, fellow professionals and potential collaborators to foster valuable relationships that extend beyond the Summit.

Hands-on Workshops: Immerse yourself in interactive workshops that provide practical insights, equip you to implement Lean principles and achieve process excellence.

Success Stories: Hear first-hand from organizations that have successfully implemented Lean practices while learning from their challenges and victories.

Key topics

1. Process Excellence:

Empower Your Growth: Focus on process excellence to ensure seamless management of your organization. 📊

Explore 👉 the key role of process excellence in driving strategic growth within organisations. Gain 👉 insight into the benefits of process optimization as a catalyst for continuous improvement 👉 in all your day-to-day activities and supporting processes, in everything you do. 🚀

Uncover the secrets to achieving operational efficiency and excellence through optimized processes.

2. Agile Transformation

Agile unlocks speed and innovation!

Agile isn’t just a methodology; it’s a mindset that enables teams to adapt quickly to change, focus on delivering real value, and create products that customers love. Say goodbye to outdated processes and hello to a dynamic workflow that makes every sprint a win.

3. Data-driven decisions

How can data-driven decision making bring transparency and certainty to the decision-making process?

Data analysis is a reliable guide to finding root causes of failures, stabilizing processes, designing new products or optimizing them. It offers a wide range of techniques from simple graphs to the use of artificial intelligence.

4. Developing a culture

Culture always wins – How do you turn it into a machine that drives your lean and continuous improvement?

Lean is a culture. The tools give you the project. Culture allows you to continuously improve. Help develop Lean potential on both an organizational and personal level. Take inspiration from best practices from successful companies. Unleash an endless stream of ideas. Share your experiences with other like-minded people. Join the current of culture development.

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Event details

Date:  17.4.2023 – 19.4.2023
Location:Grand Hotel Jasná

STREAM BLOCK FBE: Process Excellence

10:50 – 12:00

Strategy – not a house of cards, but a solid foundation for the company

Why do most strategies stay and die in PowerPoint presentations? What does a company really need to successfully move priorities from paper to action? Let’s learn from the experience of others.

Fotka Jiřího Novotného, riaditeľa Frankische industial pipe ČR

Jiří Novotný
Chief Operations Officer
FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes

13:30 – 14:40

Transformation = class enemy? Or a new stimulus to corporate life?

Many people’s hair stands on end at the mere mention of process transformation. Sometimes the initiative comes from conviction, other times from necessity. In either case, it is important to confront it head-on. Especially when the market is changing rapidly… Experience with us a process transformation that gave one company a new lease of life.

Fotka Štefana Kováča, riaditeľa

Štefan Kováč
Business Project Director
Up Slovensko

15:00 – 16:10

The road to maximum productivity: efficient maintenance, 5S and more.

Can we say that maintenance is a kind of cornerstone of efficiency and a necessity for smooth production? Why then is it often overlooked and sidelined in many businesses? Join the conversation with our guests to find out how we can achieve workspace excellence. And let’s add here that 5S is not the finish line!

Lector Peter Elbert

Peter Elbert
FBE – For Business Excellence

16:30 – 17:40

Lean transformation project management.

Let’s engage your project brain and senses in the sustainable delivery of lean transformation. How not to end the Lean journey with just whiteboards.

Explore the key role of project management tools in delivering sustainable success and avoid the pitfalls of superficial Lean implementation. Learn from experience – a case study.

Fotka riaditeľky a CFO spločnosti Slovenské cukrovary

Ružena Brádňanová
Managing Director, CFO
Slovenské cukrovary, s.r.o.


  • Assess process maturity and change to develop the right transformation approach.
  • Drive synergies between CI and automation methodologies to multiply results.
  • Develop employees’ ability to continuously improve.
  • Create and execute a project plan for sustainable implementation of Lean methods across the company and group.

Is your company facing a transformation or are you currently going through one? Are you improving processes and want to be even better? We look forward to seeing you at the Lean Summit or in other forums, meetings or interviews.

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