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Nowadays, when industries and services are moving towards continuous improvement and increasing efficiency, it is important to look for new approaches to minimize errors in different processes.

Today, as industries and services strive for continuous improvement and efficiency gains, it is important to look for new approaches to minimize errors in various processes. One such innovative concept is the “Poka Yoke”, the Japanese term for a system that prevents errors. In this article, we will explore the essence of Poka Yoke and its importance for improving product and service quality.

What is Poka Yoke?

The Poka Yoke is a concept that was developed by Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo in the mid-20th century. Its aim is to minimize or completely eliminate errors in processes, thus ensuring high quality output. This approach has become popular in Total Quality Management (TQM) and lean management.

How it works?

The basic principle of Poka Yoke is to create systems and environments that are resilient to human error. This minimizes the possibility of errors or ensures that errors are identified immediately after they occur. There are two main types of Poka Yoke:

  1. Preventive Poka Yoke: This kind tries to prevent errors from occurring. For example, if it is necessary to complete a series of steps in the correct order, a physical step can be implemented that prevents the process from continuing if the previous step was not completed correctly.
  2. Poka Yoke Detection: if an error is unavoidable, Poka Yoke detection systems are designed to detect it immediately. This may include creating visual checkpoints, audible signals, or automated inspection processes that identify discrepancies in products or services.

Príklady v praxi

Poka Yoke is widely used in various industries. For example, in the automotive industry, simple locks or paints can be applied to parts to ensure that they are properly positioned. In the service industry, a simple checklist can be implemented that a worker follows when providing services.

Benefits of Poka Yoke

  1. Reduces errors: implementing Poka Yoke systems reduces the risk of errors and improves the quality of products or services.
  2. Increases efficiency: eliminating the need for corrections due to errors increases the overall efficiency of the process.
  3. Cost reduction: preventing and detecting defects early in the process leads to lower remediation costs.

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