PSS (Problem Solving Story)

PSS (Problem Solving Story) or 8D (Eight Disciplines) is a structured problem solving method that is often used in quality management and process control.

PSS ( Problem Solving Story) and 8D (Eight Disciplines) are problem solving methods. They are used in quality and process management. PSS systematically and effectively solves problems from identification to elimination and prevention.

Problem Solving Story consists of eight disciplines or steps that create a gradual and logical approach to solving problems. These disciplines are: 


  1.  Team Formation: In this discipline, a team leader is chosen and a team is formed to be responsible for solving the problem.
  2. Problem Description: This discipline identifies and accurately describes a problem, including its characteristics, impact, and consequences.
  3. Immediate Action: In this discipline, immediate steps are taken to minimize or stop the harmful effects of a problem and protect the customer.
  4. Corrective Actions and Root Cause Analysis: In this discipline, possible causes of a problem are identified and root cause analysis is performed to find the root cause of the problem.
  5. Select and Verify Corrective Actions: In this discipline, corrective actions are selected to eliminate the root cause of the problem. These measures are subsequently verified and tested.
  6. Prevention Planning: In this discipline, a plan is developed to ensure that the problem does not recur. It includes measures to prevent the problem in the future.
  7. Implementation and Closure: In this discipline, proposed improvements are implemented and their effectiveness is monitored. After successful implementation, the issue is considered resolved and closed.
  8. Team Certification and Celebration: In this discipline, feedback and recognition is provided to the team and individuals for successfully solving the problem. 

PSS ( 8D ) helps solve problems in organizations, removes current ones and prevents future ones. It provides a structured approach and increases organizational efficiency.

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