MTM (Methods-Time Measurement)

MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) is a method designed for calculating working time.

MTM ( Methods-Time Measurement ) is a method designed for calculating working time . It is a standardized method used to analyze and evaluate work procedures and determine the standard time required to complete a specific task.    

MTM is based on the principle that the time required to perform a certain task is dependent on specific factors. This can be the complexity of the task. Working conditions, physical effort and movement of the worker. The MTM method analyzes these factors and defines predetermined times for various work tasks.

There are several variants of the MTM method, such as MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS ( Universal Analyzing System ). MTM-MEK ( Methods Engineering Kitchen ) and others. Each of these variants provides different techniques and tools for analyzing and measuring working time.  

The MTM method is used in various industries and sectors where it is necessary to accurately determine working hours for specific tasks. It helps in optimizing work procedures, planning production, determining workload and setting normative times for production.  

The MTM method is an important tool for managers, engineers and work studies involved in work task analysis and work time measurement. It helps improve work efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.  

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