Creativity and Innovation II: Really Good Ideas

Course Creativity and Innovation II  is focused on finding creative ideas with innovative potential .

“Creativity is the process of coming up with original ideas that have value.”

Ken Robinson

  • To get creative ideas with innovative potential for my work.
  • Understand the creative and innovation process.
  • Strengthen the creative parts of innovation processes.
  • To learn to analyze creative ideas from the point of view of their usability and innovation potential.

Working together on your innovations

  • Use of creative and innovative procedures on topics assigned by participants

How to do it – Creative process

  • Step three ENLIGHTENMENT (that’s it!!!) doesn’t just come.
  • What comes before enlightenment and what comes after it in order to generate really good and usable ideas?
  • How creative personalities think

What techniques will we use – creativity and innovation techniques

  • Doing nothing – we want better results…?
  • Someone else’s point of view – the power of a different way of thinking
  • Sacred cows – let’s remove the unremovable
  • Metaphor, analogy – let’s get inspired and look for similarities

From creativity to innovation

  • The relationship between innovation and creativity
  • Innovative FLASH technique – innovations have their own sequence

Analysis of creative ideas from the point of view of feasibility

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