Implementation of systems is a very wide expression, because there are different systems that can be implemented. In FBE we have experts on implementing business, processes and company culture relevant systems. We can help you with developing new systems, implementation of the systems,  redefining the systems and evaluating the efficiency and conditions of your systems.

What is a system?
Generally, system is a set of elements (parts, components, rules, principles or procedures) that are interconnected and work together as a mechanism.

Why do we need systems?modern production system s
For unification of activities, for increasing the efficiency and predictability of outputs, for better controllability - there are many reasons why and how systems help us. The main reason is to prevent losses caused by a chaos. Unsurprisingly, human beings tend to use systems for everything. But it is not that quite as obvious that the efficiency of simple systems is known for the animals, too.

You might have heard that systems are killing creativity, but that does not necessarily need to be true. If you have a good working system, you can always use creativity, but focused on more helpful goals. You do not need to use creativity to fight a useless or contra-productive chaos. You do not waste your creativity on negative things that could have been prevented.

What kind of systems does FBE imlement?ci system s
• Production systems - example
• Continuous improvement systems
• Organizational culture
• Organizational design
• Lean (both services and production) - example
• Supply chains
• Learning organizations
• New business models
• Communication systems (not the infrastructure itself)* - example
• Industry 4.0 fundamentals (note: it is still technically not possible to implement full industry 4.0)
• Systems of project management - waterfall, agile and hybrids
• Due diligence and merger of systems
• ... and many more

Example for implementation of many different systems.

* Note: If the discussion comes to implementation of a software system or ICT hardware, that is not our field for sure.