FBE has led projects in 26 countries. A significant factor contributing to this development is that many of our clients belong to the top performers within their groups or conglomerates. As a result, headquarters often request the expansion of best practices from our branches to foreign branches. This is also related to the establishment of a separate division, FBE International, which oversees international projects led by FBE consultants outside the Czech and Slovak territories.

FBE consultants and trainers have carried out projects in English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Hungarian, and Romanian languages in recent years. This multilingual capability allows FBE to tailor its services to the needs of its clients in various countries and language environments. Implementing projects in local languages not only meets the requirements of company management but also enables employees to identify with and take ownership of new solutions. This approach supports successful implementation and the long-term sustainability of proposed changes. The fact that FBE participates in projects for more than 10 international groups, involving 3 or more countries, is evidence of this working well.

For more information about FBE International, please visit the separate website www.fbeinternational.com

Xeleratia - international collaboration

FBE is a founding member of the European consulting network Xeleratia - Sustainable Performance Improvement Network.

Local consultants + unified methodologies =

Global sustainable results

International team of consultants operating in local culture and native language.

“From local people to global sustainable results through a unified methodology.”

Xeleratia Partners:

  • Actio
  • Catalyst
  • FBE
  • LeanQ Team
  • Quaternaire
  • U-Quadrat (U2)


  • 120 consultants
  • Revenue of 16 million EUR
  • More than 500 customer companies
  • Medium to large companies, local and global groups
  • Industrial sector, services, public administration

Strong points of Xeleratia

Partners of SPIN network share the same customer approach which is characterized by:
  • engagement of people through workshops, teamwork, and training
  • comprehensive view of customer processes
  • understanding specific and local customer needs
  • proven work standards implemented by experienced professionals.
  • implementation of improvement projects for companies and their teams, tailored to their needs.
Acquiring knowledge and developing skills for sustainable results of companies:
  • increased customer value through improved quality of products and services
  • enhanced efficiency by fully utilizing human, financial, and material resources
  • increased employee motivation and loyalty
  • higher client revenues.

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