ZAP simulation – Zved Analyst Designer

The ZAP Simulation  course is aimed at improving teamwork.

  • Improving cooperation in a team
  • Establishing the right priorities in relation to the set KPIs
  • Improvement of internal communication
  • Understanding the effectiveness of cross-functional teams in improving processes and performance


Characteristics of the simulation:

The goal of the team is to obtain the maximum value of KPIs – that is, the maximum efficiency of the chosen procedure. The game is played in three rounds. Between the first and second rounds, there is a participant workshop aimed at radically increasing efficiency. Between the second and third round, there is an improvement workshop facilitated by the lecturer and using the trained principles to further improve the result. At the same time, in the second and third round, the simulation is always enriched with new process elements and its complexity also increases.

The analysis of the simulation is focused on:

  • Work with assignment and understanding of requirements, prioritization and choice of solutions, optimization in the distribution of tasks and roles, system in communication and cooperation, purposeful documentation, implementation and achievement of results

Simulation progress

Round 1
Between the first and second rounds, there is a participant workshop aimed at a radical increase in efficiency

Round 2
The second round contains a more complex task and a more demanding goal. The second round is enriched with elements of documentation with a link to improve communication and increase team efficiency.
Between the second and third rounds, an improvement workshop is held, facilitated by the lecturer.

 Round 3
The third round again increases the complexity of the task and is enriched with escalation and two-way flow of information.

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