Process optimization affects both the companies in need of improvement and those already on the top. Different methods have to be used in these different cases. This does not mean that the order of the methods in the process optimization is fixed. However, there is an empirical methodology that allows us to collect the low-hanging fruit first, then we climb up the tree to reach higher branches. (For example: first the foundation has to be arranged, such as the workplace organisation using the 5S method, only then can we carry out the complete value stream analysis).

Why do we focus on the processes?
Because the added value is created in the processes. There are also various obstacles in the form of waste or other value flow disturbances. It does not matter whether we have an unrivalled product, if we are not able to deliver it in required quality or on time, we will lose customers. Only by understanding both, the purpose of our processes and the processes themselves, we can make our company, business or institution more effective.

How do we support our clients?
FBE and the whole SPIN network offer a whole range of process optimization.

Fundamental methods:
5S, standardization, process description and process maps
• Ownership of employees as part of cultural change

Standard Methods of Process Optimization:
Shop floor management and associated problem solving skills
Muda Hunting (elimination of waste)
Value Stream Mapping
Benchmarking and QFD
Direct methods for working time determination

Advanced methods:
Value stream management (real time VSM)
• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Product Development Process
Indirect methods for working time determination
• Supply Chain Management

Very advanced methods:
Industry 4.0 elements
"Design for ..." Cost, Manufacturing, etc.

Why should you choose us as your companion in process optimization?
• Our experience with supporting the best companies in the world (several Shingo Price or European Lean Award winners)
Our pragmatic approach instead of dogmatic insistence on methods.
Proven success in many Lean transformations of companies at different initial levels.
Our understanding of the big differences between discrete manufacturing,  process manufacturing and administrative processes, and appropriate adaptation of all our method.

What forms of support do we offer:
Specialized and tailored training
Consulting and project coaching in process optimization
Implementation of production systems and lean transformations
Development of your internal expert’s structure and best practices